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Club Sour Priject

PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:49 pm
by Canderson
We have made the decision to cut the club sour project off instead of completing the three year blending project as was originally planned. Many of you have grown impatient or simply did not understand that this would be a long term thing. So, that being said I would like my garage back anyways and I am fine with all getting their share ASAP.
I am not at all happy with the way the Flanders turned out, as you know the beer leaked out and actually broke through the shelving material once spilling 15 gallons. When that occurred it broke up the pelicle which effected the beers ability to keep the unwanted acetobacter out. Hence the beer has a lot of acetone notes which it really shouldn't have. You will need to decide if you even want any of it after tasting it. The Lambic on the other hand tastes good but lacks the deep acidic sour notes as it is quite young by Lambic standards. Will do well to blend out nonetheless. Please coordinate with me as to when you can come up to pick up your share I would prefer if you all came up at the same time so I am not tied up with all of that so maybe Sat. The 27th we can get you all to come up and get your share of beer. You will need 2 carboys & you will get 5 gal of the Lambic 3 gal of the Flanders. This of course only applies to those who chipped down. Schmidy will be sending out a list as well just in case you forgot if you took part.


Re: Club Sour Priject

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:07 am
by jimc
That's too bad about the Flanders -- as well as the overall spillage. I won't be able to get there on the 27th, as I'll be attending Stagecoach. If that is the day that is agreed upon, maybe I can get my carboys to someone else to pick up my share? Actually, if the analysis of the Flanders is accurate, I might just let someone else have mine, and just take the lambic. Once it's racked off into another carboy, can it continue to age, or will it need to be bottled asap?